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ACAC organizes its first poker tournament fundraiser

Albanian Canadian Association of Calgary organized its first poker tournament fundraiser. The goal was to raise funds for the Albanian Community Center while also give back to Inn from the Cold, a non for profit organization that helps kids by providing food and shelter.

Ilir Kuqi, president of the association thanked all the participants in contributing to the overall cause. "This event helps us get closer to achieving our goal of building our community center, but it is also a great opportunity to get together in this fun sport event while giving back to Inn from cold, a non for profit that truly helps those in need", said Kuqi.

The winners of the tournament were as follows:

First Place: Pashk Vukaj (Gold)

Second Place: Ilir Kuqi (Silver)

Third Place: Vuk Vukaj (Bronze)

Pashk Vukaj donated $200 of his winnings to the association and Ilir Kuqi gave back all his winnings of a total of $465 to the association.

Albanian Canadian Association of Calgary was able to raise a total of $2320 through this tournament, while also contributing a check of $777 to Inn from the cold.

Overall the event was fun and it gave an opportunity for both Albanians and Canadians to help raise funds.

Until next year's event, we thank all the participants that made this event fun and professional.

Below are some pictures from the event:

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